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Simone Jade Naicker
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Vision and Ability to Innovate

  • Envisages a better future
  • Imagines and creates new products, solutions or ways of working
  • Invites, encourages and embraces the ideas of others
  • Solves significant problems through innovation and design
  • Challenges perspectives and constantly improves ways of working
  • Takes initiative and is proactive and resourceful
  • Engages technology to augment and enhance performance
  • Is intrapreneurial and creates an experimental and innovative environment

Multiple Choice Questions

Please select one of the following - Rarely / Never / Infrequently / Occasionally / Often / Consistently

Answer each question to make the next question appear.

I consider the future of the business when making decisions.


I have ideas for improving the business or our solutions


I respectfully question how we do things to make improvements


I speak to colleagues to obtain their expertise and perspectives


I use my initiative and am not afraid to get involved in solving issues


I am a pioneer and encourage others to find new and better ways of working


I invite people with different views to co-develop solutions to problems


I recognise and reward creativity


I work with others to turn my best ideas into reality


I look for ways to use technology to improve the business


Please provide examples of how you have shown vision and the ability to innovate in your career 

(Approx 100-300 words)

Vision is the ability to see beyond what exists, to a future that is bigger and brighter. As a young graduate, 6 months into my first role, I realized that I was enrolled for self-leadership and emotional intelligence courses but the individuals working shift work with me were not. This harsh reality made me realise that more needs to be done to include our people, I acted in the role of Foreman in July of that year and decided to host a “You are a Leader Session” – the first of its kind. During this session I discussed the importance of mental health and allowed us to create a vulnerable and enabling environment. The language and cultural barrier were no deterrent and I found that my people came to my office after, requesting photocopies so they may go home and discuss the topic with their spouse and children. In this space, I am passionate – printing out Happiness Calendars and pasting them all over our plant, each day has an action to be taken for wellness and happiness. I have designed and contributed to mentoring programs with Investing in African Mining Indaba 2024, AfriMine, Women in Mining South Africa and the Young Professionals Council of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
Without innovation, our industry would be stagnant and unable to meet the rising operational costs. A project I led to research the applicability of Biomimicry practices to the mining industry was the overall Winner in our Exxaro PIT Symposium. Biomimicry is where we innovate using principles from nature to influence engineering design for optimization of processes, equipment, and teams. Thought labs are a norm in my team, where we ideate unhindered, these ideas go on the whiteboard, and we distill the ideas. We try to make the impossible possible through focus areas and actions yearly.

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The Rising Star Programme, operated by BlackBark Productions, has been established for the purposes of recognising, celebrating and connecting young talented people who have a capacity for achievement and success and who contribute in an inspirational manner to the future of our nation. The qualities that elevate Rising Stars to the top go beyond performance and technical excellence. Rising Stars are polished, brilliant individuals with tremendous promise and great talent who excel for reasons that go far beyond their technical abilities alone.

Talented people make things happen, are highly committed to achieving goals, innovate very rapidly, and create a great deal of value (for companies and/or themselves) when their talent is spotted and harnessed.

The Programme aims to be a significant and sustainable vehicle through which organisations, our country and our continent can identify and nurture these “organisational and national assets” who are set to play a key role in shaping the future of our country and our continent.

The Rising Star Programme is establishing a living community of young African talent that will be developed, mentored and provided with platforms for development and communication, therefore enabling them to become role models, opinion leaders and the inspiration for other future African Talent.

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