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Lubabalo Tybosch
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Agility in Uncertainty, Encompassing Digital Transformation

  • Perseveres when circumstances are tough and bounces back from failure
  • Learns constantly and fosters team and organisational growth
  • Steers others through disagreement and conflict, fostering understanding and encouraging learning
  • Considers both risk and opportunity to enable clear and decisive action
  • Seeks perspective and involves others to navigate complexity, ambiguity and risk
  • Actively explores, embraces and applies emerging technologies
  • Develops agile practices and adapts to change and uncertainty, stabilised by values and goals
  • Proactively defines, crafts or leads responses to digital transformation

Multiple Choice Questions

Please select one of the following - Rarely / Never / Infrequently / Occasionally / Often / Consistently

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I work hard when circumstances demand extra effort


I rebound in a positive manner when there is a setback in work


I learn constantly, share my knowledge and support skills development activities for others


I listen to other people to help me to understand difficult challenges


I consider the consequences of choices and then take action


I help to resolve conflict constructively and fairly


I learn about new technology and how it might affect our business and work


I make sure that we are moving with the times and using new technologies


I demonstrate a willingness to change


I help others to make difficult changes, understanding their difficulties and providing support and resources


Please provide examples of how you have shown agility and encompassed digital transformation in your career

(Approx 100-300 words)

In my career, agility and digital transformation have been central themes, enabling me to adapt to rapidly changing environments and drive innovative solutions.

As an IT professional with over a decade of experience and a B Com in IT Management, I have consistently demonstrated agility by staying ahead of technological trends and swiftly adapting to new challenges. For instance, I have led numerous IT projects where quick pivots were necessary to address evolving business needs or emerging technologies. My ability to rapidly assess situations and implement effective solutions has been instrumental in delivering successful outcomes.

One of my most significant contributions to digital transformation is the development of an AI SaaS tool, which emerged from my journey as a brain trauma survivor. Recognizing the potential of AI to offer valuable support and resources, I spearheaded the creation of this tool to aid the community. This project required not only technical expertise but also the ability to integrate feedback from users and continuously improve the platform, showcasing my agility in managing an iterative development process.

In my role as South Africa's NDP 2030 ambassador, I have actively promoted digital transformation initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable development goals. By leveraging digital technologies, I have helped design and implement strategies that address social and economic challenges, ensuring that our approach remains adaptive and forward-thinking. This role has required me to engage with diverse stakeholders, integrate various technological solutions, and remain agile in the face of policy and environmental changes.

Founding "The SA Mark" is another example of my commitment to digital transformation. This corporate social initiative uses innovative technology to enhance South African arts and culture, providing a digital platform for artists to showcase their work globally. By embracing digital tools, we have been able to reach wider audiences, support artists in new ways, and adapt to the evolving landscape of the arts sector.

Additionally, my extensive experience in IT has involved leading digital transformation efforts within organizations. I have overseen the migration of legacy systems to cloud-based solutions, implemented cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, and integrated advanced data analytics to drive business intelligence. These initiatives have not only improved operational efficiency but also enabled organizations to remain competitive in a digital-first world.

In every aspect of my career, I have shown agility and a strong commitment to digital transformation, continuously seeking ways to leverage technology for positive impact and adapting swiftly to the dynamic demands of the digital age.

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